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ZME עין טיפול מכשיר ראיית בריאות משקפיים 360 ° דיקור נקודות לעיסוי עבור ראייה מטושטשת עיניים עייפות יבש עיניים דמעות


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Ophthalmic Physiotherapy Device

Suitable for adults and children

Give the child a pair of bright eyes

Excellent Performance

Drug Administration Certified Medical Devices

Micro Electric Pulse / Smart Spectrum / Custom Focus

Skin-friendly Material / One-key Operation / Automatic Timing

National Second-class Medical Device

The official website of the Food and Drug Administration can be checked

Eye physiotherapy device that can be used for medical treatment

It can relieve and adjuvant the symptoms of myopia and blurred vision, drowsiness, dry eyes, tearing and other symptoms caused by asthenopia.

Is your child’s myopia still bothering you?

The sharp rise in the number of teenagers with myopia breaks the hearts of parents

Addicted to electronics / long-term eye overuse / Not paying attention to eye exercises / Irregular posture when reading and writing

The Dangers Of Myopia

The number of myopia among young people has risen sharply, endangering children’s vision health

Myopia affects children’s sports training and can seriously cause retinal detachment

Restricted in special industries such as aviation and marine technology

1 minute to learn myopia knowledge

The relationship between wheelbase and degree of myopia

Normal wheelbase: cornea, ciliary body, retina, =24mm

Myopia wheelbase: cornea, ciliary body, retina, >24mm

1mm extension of visual axis = 300 degrees of myopia

Massaging the eye area = releasing eye pressure

* From: Baidu Encyclopedia-Children’s Myopia

Professor Song Geng / Ophthalmologist

More than 30 years of dedicated research and development, you are trustworthy

· Honorary Chief Physician of the Department of Ophthalmology, First Hospital of Hebei Medical University

· Nearly 30 years of professional ophthalmology chief physician, overseas expert professor

· Chief technical guide of Hong Kong “Health Express” eye

· National-level cataract phacoemulsification expert, the editor and

author of China’s first “Cataract Phacoemulsification Absorb And Intraocular Lens Implantation”

Eye Holographic Therapy

Using multi-point, multi-level and multi-band IF,

Acts on the entire eye system,

Promote eye metabolism and relieve eye muscle tension.

1. Medium frequency microcurrent stimulation. Through different spectrums, it acts on different levels of the eye to promote blood circulation in the eye.

2. Convert electrical energy into internal energy. The eye tissue absorbs electrical energy and converts it into internal energy to expand the blood and relieve the tightness of the eye muscles.

3. Improve eye microcirculation. The eyes are affected by electrons to promote blood metabolism and restore the balance of the eye system.

3 Major Technological Innovations

to easily solve vision problems

Multiple technological innovations can effectively improve False myopia, dry eyes, soreness, aging eye function and other eye problems

Micro-current Pulses

open the meridians of the eye

The comprehensive effect of the six position of the eye can make the eye meridians

and blood circulation unblocked, and the eyes will feel moist and bright after use.

Acupoint Stimulation relieves eye fatigue

Integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, full coverage of

Cuanzhu / Sizhukong / TongZiMiu / QingMing

QiuHou / ChengQi / SiBai / BiTong

360° Digital Custom Focus

Exercise the amount of eye-focusing exercise to complete the amount of eye-focusing exercise required for one day

Ergonomic Design / Environmentally Friendly And Skin-friendly

Suitable for a variety of face shapes and ages

Comfortable without rubbing the skin

Targeted solution to children’s skin sensitive problems

Comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy

15 Minutes A Day

for a comfortable day

Built-in safety power management chip

Automatic shutdown protection after 10 minutes

Under the age of 12, it is recommended to take 10 minutes each time


Product name: ophthalmic physiotherapy instrument

Product model: KJR-D-A1

Timing: 10/15 min

Power supply voltage: polymer lithium battery DC3.7V

Output current: ≦1.7mA

Pulse frequency: 20Hz±10%

Indications: It has a certain relieving and auxiliary therapeutic effect on the symptoms of myopia and blurred vision, drowsiness,

dry eyes and tearing caused by asthenopia.

Contraindications: Eye skin damage, acute eye inflammation, glaucoma, pacemaker, bleeding tendency, metal foreign body in the treatment site,

allergic constitution, history of epilepsy, pregnant women, cancer patients are prohibited from using!

1. On/Off key   2. Elastic strap   3. Frames   4. Therapeutic Electrodes   5. Strength enhancement

6. Weakened strength   7. Charging socket   8. Host   9. Display   10. Time key

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Physiotherapy device

USB cable



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