Bankers will have to implement new salary allowance from April

After the implementation of the new salary and allowance structure for the officers and employees of 11 banks, the rest of the banks will have to implement the new salary allowance from next April. Apart from this, the central bank has also set aside the salary and allowances for cash and general branch officers. Apart from this, the salary and allowances of office assistants of sub-district, district and divisional cities have also been kept separately.

The central bank on Tuesday issued a new notification in this regard. Approved after 4th generation to Meghna, Midland, Madhumati, Padma Bank, NRB Bank, NRBC Bank, Global Islamic, South Bangla and Union Bank and Bengal Commercial, Community, Border, Cities. Separate instructions have been issued for poor quality Bangladesh Commerce and ICB. Islamic Bank.

The notification further states that keeping in view the financial position, the minimum pay and allowances of Permanent General Banking Officers of these new and weak banks will be Rs 39,000, and that of cash side officers will be Rs 36,000. The additional part of the basic pay will have to be paid from next April and the enhanced allowance will have to be implemented from April 2023. However, if the bank wants, it will be able to pay both salary and allowances from next April.

The new officers will have to adjust the salaries and allowances of others according to their pay and allowances. The minimum salary for fourth generation fresh and weak officers recruited as apprentices in 15 banks will be Rs 28,000 and for cash officers Rs 28,000. To implement the new pay and allowances, 50 percent of the difference with the old pay structure will be given from next April and the remaining 50 percent from April 2023.

The salary and allowances of apprentices and permanent employees of old banks will also be the same, which will have to be paid from next April. Similarly, adjustment of salary and allowances of other officers will have to be made from April.

The central bank’s circular further states that the minimum wage-allowance for office assistants/cleaners/security guards and employees recruited on a daily basis in all divisional cities including Narayanganj and Ghazipur will be Rs 24,000. On the same post, the minimum salary and allowance for other district towns will be Rs.21 thousand and for sub-district towns will be Rs.16 thousand. Employees availing services through third parties will also have to pay similar salaries and allowances.

Earlier on January 20, Bangladesh Bank for the first time issued guidelines for fixing minimum wages for private sector bank employees.